How To Make Money Building Websites

Learn to Work from home and build websites to make money

How To Make Money Building Websites 101 is a HD video tutorial course that will teach you how to start making money building websites with little technical programing knowledge. This is a 101 level course to help you get started or enhance your website building business, and begin not only making money, but also helping your customers get a high quality website that is easy to manage and grow with their business.

22 Hd Videos

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Topics Covered:

  • Customer Interaction

    Use forms to help your customers organize their information easily and quickly

  • WordPress Set-up and Configuration

    Walk through the building of a WordPress website.

  • Using Themes

    Using a theme to customize a website for a customer.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Learn the fundamentals of SEO for WordPress

  • Using Plugin Software

    Which plugins to use to keep your sites running smoothly and quickly.

  • Simple Business Systems

    Use Paypal to receive payment from your customers and streamline invoicing.

I never really considered myself a computer person, but this course explained things in a way that I really could understand well. Now I'm building websites and really enjoying it!Barb
Absolutely amazing! it gave me the ability to design my own website and the functionality to help me change it whenever I wanted to. The Video teaching was very easy to follow yet very detailed. Tom's teaching style is a breath of fresh air. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to build their own website. Dr. Josh Kilpatrick

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Course Overview: How To Make Money Building Websites 101
- 22 HD Videos Included – Lifetime Access – Risk Free
1h 57m
What Is WordPress 3m 58s
Choosing A Domain Name 4m 54s
Choosing Web Hosting 4m 04s
Setting Name Servers 3m 09s
WordPress Download and FTP 5m 23s
Creating A Database 2m 49s
Cpanel and FTP 3m 39s
Uploading WordPress 3m 54s
WordPress Dashboard 7m 10s
Posts 7m 35s
Add Media 8m 49s
Edit Media 3m 14s
Pages 5m 57s
Appearance 5m 00s
Plugins 5m 05s
Settings 8m 13s
Choosing A Theme 9m 16s
Installing A Theme 9m 13s
Theme Options 7m 20s
Invoicing 3m 11s
Creative Brief 2m 41s
Communication 2m 31s

How To Make Money Building Websites

HD Video Tutorial Course

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WordPress Website Tutorial
As small business owner I have used several companies over the years. New Leaf website design provided me with excellent customer service. Tom has meet my expectations and then some. Since the new site we have grown our shop 25% so far. Tom is concerned with my business and our budget, providing us with great one on one personal skills and knowledge of Website design. If you are looking for steady growth and a great website New Leaf is your provider!!Tim

New Leaf: A Professional Website Design Company

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